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Stoma care series

Product introduction

Ostomy bag is a container for storing human excreta,such as urine and faeces.It is the most common stoma care product.Common stoma include ileum pocket, colonic pocket, rectal pocket and urethral pocket.

As human beings life is improving, so as our products quality.We stricly check our process from raw material, product desing, core process, production process and quality control.We have developed a series of ostomy products such as early surgery(2 month after surgery),during surgery(6 months after surgery),after surgery(after 6 month of surgery).Products line include Colostomy and urostomy.among them are

drainable, closed, wire clasp, velcro and so on, among them, velcro is easy to use.For the discharge system, you can choose adhesive carbon fiter,it can effctively fiter odor so that you can feel much more comfortable in the process of use.


1. Clean the wound and clean the stoma and surrunding skin with a cotton swab or wipes.

2. Measure the length and width, using the stoma rulerto measure the length and width of the stoma. 

3. Cut the chassis. Put the measured size on the stoma chassis for marking and then start cuting. 

4. Spray the skin care powder.After the skin is clean and dry, spray the mouth care powder around the mouth. 

5.  Apply the skin protectiv film evenly to the skin near the stoma. 

6. Apply leak-proof paste evenly around the stoma. 

7.  Paste the bag and paste the cut chassis onto the stoma. 

8.Close the pocket. Close the drain at the bottomof the pocket.

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