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Wound Skin Closure

Wound skin closures strip are made of non-woven, rayon-backed material reinforced with fliaments for strength coated with Hypoallergenic adhesive. Provides wound support and assists in increasing the tensile strength of the wound.

Steps of Medical Adhesive Wound Skin Closure Steri Strips

1)Cleaning the wound by physiological saline and keep it dry completely

2)Sticking on the wound sin clousure vertically from the middle of the wound

3)Appling it from the two edges of wound to the middle for avoiding the wound dehiscenc

Our Advantage

After surgery, medical adhesive tapes give sustained enough pressure to the wound in 3-6 months, allowing granulation tissue to grow orderly; let the orderly production; Avoiding abnormal hyperplasia of granulation tissue and reducing scar formation.

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