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Transparent Wound Dressing

Consists of air permeable waterborne PU film coated with specific medical, high absorbent cotton pad, protection paper.


Advantages (Waterproof Transparent Surgical Medical Wound Dressing):

1. Soft, comfortable, waterproof, suitable for different parts of body and easy to use.

2. The transparent and high permeable PU film prevents the wound from infection. Wound can be observed anytime

3. The extra-thin high permeable PU film prevents the gathering of moisture vapor between the dressing and skin, therefore longer using time can be guaranteed and allergic and infection rate could be reduced.

4. The absorption pad is with good absorbency. It decreases the wound maceration and supply a good healing environment for wounds. The absorption pad is non-adhesive to wound. It is easy to be peeled off without secondary hurt to the wound.

5. Humanized design, different sizes and styles available. Special designs can be made according to customers' requirements for different clinical needs.

Applications (Waterproof Transparent Surgical Medical Wound Dressing):

Postoperative wounds, acute and chronic wounds, small cut wound and scratches, etc.

Everyone will experience all kinds of pain in their lifetime. These pains come from a variety of sources, some are lumbar disc herniation (prolapse), lumbar muscle strain, lumbar hyperplasia and other lumbar spondylosis, aged waist and legs, and some are swelling and pain. Periarthritis, osteoarthritis, sciatica, and joints, skin pain caused by wind, cold, and humidity. For all kinds of pain, our company has developed a variety of pain stickers, of which infrared pain relief and infrared heat compress, and chili rheumatism cream are the most effective. These plasters have a fragrant smell, strong heat sensation, and an analgesic effect.

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