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Silicone Foam Wound Dressing

Description of foam dressing: Silicone Bordered Foam Dressing is a kind of wound dressing that made of  isolation film, hyper absorbent foam, silicone layer with holes and waterproof PU film.It is designed for a wide range of moderate to highly exuding wounds such as foot ulcers, pressure ulcers and traumatic wounds.highly absorbent and conformable polyurethane foam dressings that provide an optimal moist wound healing environment and effective exudate management.Silicone Foam Dressings are protected with semi-permeable film backings that are waterproof and provide bacterial barriers.

Advantages of foam dressing: 1. Highly absorbent, it can absorb lots of exudate and reduce maceration to the skin. 2. It’s waterproof, and can stop the external bacterial and foreign matter going into the wound. 3. Providing moist environment for the wound and make the wound heal faster. 4. Non-adherent to the wound, foam dressing will not stick on the wound when being removed, no pain will be created. 5. It is soft, elastic and comfortable to the skin. 6. Various in shape and size to meet different clinical needs. Applications of foam dressing: 1. It is adaptable to different phases of wound especially to all kinds of wounds with exudate 2. II degree burn wound. 3. Donor site and skin grafts site. 4. All kinds of ulcers, bedsores 5. All kinds of post-operation surgery wound , can be reserved for 5 to 7 days at most. Usage: 1. Clean and disinfect the wound and make the skin around the wound dry 2. Select appropriate specifications of the products (when necessary to cut the shape of the product), the product should be able to completely cover the wound.3.Tear the release paper, the product applied to the wound.

4. It can be used together with other dressings

Notice : 1. This product is the disposable , it is forbidden to reuse, if the pack is broken, do not use. 2. Please use within valid, read the instructions carefully before using. 3. Change the dressing when the back begin to discolor or deform. Storage : No corrosive gas, a cool, well ventilated, clean room and room temperature preservation.

Functional dressing refers to medical materials used to cover sores, wounds or other damage. Skin injury caused by trauma, burns, abscess ulcers and other causes will cause a series of problems of the body, such as bacterial infection, excessive loss of water and protein, endocrine and immune dysfunction, etc., which may be serious and life-threatening.


Therefore, after skin damage, skin replacement medical dressings are usually needed to protect wounds, prevent wound infection and severe dehydration, provide a moist environment conducive to wound healing, and promote wound healing.The new medical dressing is developed based on the "wet healing theory", which can keep the wound moist, and there are two factors to promote the development of such products, namely the medical community's understanding of the healing process of wound healing and the continuous development of material technology.


Representative new medical dressings are: hydrocolloid dressings, alginate dressings, foam (sponge) dressings, soft silicone dressings, silver ion dressings, lipid hydrocolloid dressings, carbon-containing dressings ,Hydrogels. The new medical dressing can shorten the wound healing time, reduce the amount of medical dressing, significantly shorten the nursing time, and meet the requirements of patients. The characteristics of the new medical dressings are fast treatment and good effects, which are difficult to compare with traditional dressings. Therefore, the new medical dressings will have a larger application market.


Although from a global perspective, traditional medical dressings such as cotton wool and gauze still account for more than 50% of the entire medical dressings. However, in recent years, traditional medical dressings have grown slowly, and new medical dressings are growing rapidly.In the long run, traditional gauze and bandages consume a lot of cotton, but the product benefits are not high, the added value is low, the profit margin is small, and the product growth capacity is limited. The development of high-end new dressing products with independent intellectual property rights is the development direction of China's medical dressing industry, it is also our company's long term goal.

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