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Bolsa De Colostomia Ostomy Bag Ostomy Skin Protective Powder

Bolsa De Colostomia Ostomy Bag Ostomy Skin Protective Powder
Ostomy Powder Ostomy Skin Protective Powder Skin Care Powder for Stoma
Product Name
Bolsa De Colostomia Ostomy Bag Ostomy Skin Protective Powder
MOQ for OEM:
20000 pcs
Delivery Time:
25 days
Scope of application:
Wuhan or Shanghai, China
CE, FDA, ISO13485, ISO9001

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Ostomy Powder

[Product name] stoma skin care powder

[Specifications and Models] The models are divided into: HF10, HF15, HF25, HF50, HF75. The filling quantity is divided into: 10g; 15g; 25g50g; 75g.

[Product description] Nursing equipment for ileum, colon, rectum or urethral stoma. The product touches the intact skin and intestinal cavity. Non-sterile


[Intended use] It is used for stoma cleaning care, excrement collection and skin care around stoma.


1. Wash the stoma and surrounding skin with water before use to keep the skin clean and dry.

2. Unscrew the cap and align the mouth of the bottle with the skin to be protected.

3. Shake the bottle gently, and sprinkle an appropriate amount of powder on the skin.

4. Use a dry cotton swab or gauze to wipe the powder evenly and remove excess floating powder to ensure that the skin around the stoma is dry and reduce the irritation of exudates to the skin.


1. Before sticking the ostomy bag, the excess powder should be removed to avoid affecting the viscosity of the chassis.

2. Those who have ulcers on the skin around the stoma should use it with caution.

3. It should be stored in a room with room temperature, no corrosive substances, and well ventilated, away from children.

4. If redness and swelling or other bad irritation occurs, stop using it immediately.

[Contraindications] Use with caution for people with severe skin allergies

[Storage] This product should be sealed, protected from light, and stored in a dry and clean place


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