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Plasters have been used to cure diseases as early as in ancient China. They have been circulating until now. As early as the primitive society, human ancestors found that the leaves, bark or grass stems of certain plants were used to apply wounds or painful areas. Relieve pain or hemostasis, and even accelerate the healing of wounds. Through continuous accumulation of experience, application therapy is produced. Plaster application is one of the methods used to treat diseases abroad. It follows the syndrome differentiation of traditional Chinese medicine and the efficacy, indications and return of traditional Chinese medicine. According to the principle of the economy, fully mobilize the effectiveness of drugs to coordinate with each other to form a large compound of multi-flavor drugs to exert the good effects of drugs.

Moreover, plasters are used for curing diseases, which are easy to operate, convenient to obtain materials, low in cost, safe and painless, so they are most easily accepted by people. In addition, the plaster has a wide range of treatments and has already become the most acceptable treatment method for people. Because the plaster is directly applied to the body surface, most of the drugs used to make the plaster have a thick smell, and then add spicy stringing herbals to pass through the skin, pass through the meridians, qi and blood, viscera, play a role Qi and blood, through meridians, expel cold and dampness, relevie swelling and pain.

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