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Wuhan Huawei Technology Co.,Ltd is established in 2002, it has 2 subsidiary corporation:  wuhan huawei medical equipment co.,ltd, wuhan tiexin pharmaceutical co.,ltd, devoted in manufacturing in the medical health field;  a forerunner of “The Belt and Road” health strategy; a pioneer among the global economy.

  With 18 years of concentration, Huawei Technology has a 400 square meter office space and 8000 square meter plants,  we have dozens of product CE approval in the medical industry, and has obtained CE, ISO13485, ISO9001, ISO14001 and many other international certifications. Its R&D and production capabilities have reached the international advanced level in the same industry. Meanwhile, it has more than 20 national invention patents and intellectual property rights.

  In 2006, Huawei's R&D team used the biological characteristics of polyurethane (PU) for the first time, and synthesized a polyurethane film (WPU film) closer to the biological characteristics of human skin in history in the laboratory! And obtained the national invention patent!

   The company's R&D team takes WPU film as the core technology and has created high-end medical care brand "Huawei", the brand range includes: wound care serial, puncture care serial, advanced functional dressing serial, incontinence care serial, stoma care and personal care serial etc., and the product range includes: chitosan dressing, foam dressing (silicone gel), hydrogel dressing, hydrocolloid dressing, ostomy bag, medical nonwoven dressing, medical transparent dressing, medical surgical incise drape, and i.v. fixing dressing etc.
    In 2009, After 5 years of research and development and a large number of clinical trials,  Huawei Technology's expert team has obtained the national invention patent of cough relief patch.

Huawei has made steady progress in the business field with every right decision, who has completed the great transformation from rising to speed up, combining decision, action, innovation, influence, and cohesion into one, giving birth to new growth forces!

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