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I.V. Cannula Fixing dressing

Introduce for  iv dressing:


 It is a new patch for external use, which based on the infusion patch (one of our products). when you are transfusing, you can use it to fix the needle tubing.

The transparent medical dressing and IV cannula and puncture fixation dressing are made of high-permeable waterborne polyurethane WPU film,with high moisture permeable medical degree acrylic adhesive by special coating technology,it can keep pace with the normal breath of skin.


Features of  iv  dressing:

High permeability: avoid causing maceration to skin

Preventing bacteria invasion: Diminish the risk of infection from outer
Waterproof: Patient can take shower or batch freely
Transparent: wound situation can be observed any time
Soft and comfortable: suitable for different body, hypoallergenic
Strong Viscosity: could hold on skin for 7 days
Safe and convenient: the design of dressing makes it good and fast operation. 
Various sizes and styles: With or without paper frame I.V dressing, with or without the absorbent pad transparent medica dressing, new utility-style with U port or without, irregular shape and size OEM acceptable. 
Easy to use: Could prevent wrinkling of dressing (absorbent pad could add to the dressing based on customer’s requirement, the pad is with good absorption, can prevent maceration of the wound ).


Applications of   I.V dressing:

Fixing I.V catheter, PICC and CVC etc
Fixing anesthesia catheter, pulmonary artery catheter, hemodialysis catheter, kidney dialysis and PCA cannula, etc
Apply for friction skin or wet skin, such as skin care after trachea incision, care for torus of bone, skin care when gatism, bedsore precaution, etc 
Apply for slight bruise, cut, suturing wounds, etc
As a second dressing for fixing some other dressing

Cold therapy, a method of treating the disease by contacting the human body with a medium below the body temperature and cooling it. The difference between it and cryotherapy is that the low temperature applied to the human body will not cause damage to tissue cells. Transient and deep hypothermia can excite the nervous system, but if it is too long, the effect is reversed; cold action can cause the blood vessels to contract and then expand, which is beneficial to improve local circulation; cold deepens breathing, clinically used for high fever, early soft tissue damage, nerve function Disease; also commonly used in health care to improve body resistance.
The Huawei Cold Therapy product series uses polymer gel to add some additional herbal essential oils. Through the local cooling and the interaction of essential oils, it is comfortable to use and has a significant effect.

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