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There are many types of medical wounds, which can be used to fix and avoid falling off. But the plaster of the dressing is a kind of foreign body to human skin, and prolonged contact, friction and irritation can cause various reactions of the skin. If selected or used improperly, it may cause problems such as skin damage to the patient.


At the same time, due to the specificity of certain parts of the body, it is difficult to fix the wound dressing. Although external fixation can be made with bandages or elastic nets, the wound dressing is often easy to fall off due to the restlessness or activity of the patient, which increases the patient's treatment cost and nursing time. In addition, the patient is worried that the wound dressing will fall off and dare not turn over or get out of bed, which will affect the recovery of wounds and diseases; especially when the new dressing is used to treat the wound, the unit price of the new dressing is higher, such as no wound dressing, leakage and pollution It can be replaced every 5 to 7 days in other situations, so as to maintain a constant temperature and humidity of the wound, effectively promote wound healing and shorten the healing time. Such frequent replacements not only fail to achieve effective therapeutic effects, but also increase the patient's financial burden. Huawei closed wound dressing can reduce your replacement time, prevent leakage and pollution, accelerate wound healing, and reduce secondary injuries caused by replacement. It is one of the necessary choices for your recovery.

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