Acne Patch


Acne patch is an advanced hydro colloid dressing that could absorb acne secretions and make the skin return to its original state faster. More protection. Reduce hand contact and prevent bacterial infections,it is invisible,waterproof and breathable, perfect to attach on skin, not affect your out-looking.


1. Special hydro colloid, can absorb secretions

2. Sterilized, reduce the chance of bacterial infection

3. Prevent UVB damage by physical, avoid pigmentation

4. More suitable for inflamed acne


Specification:  diameter 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm,4.5*4.5cm,or customized size.  

              Each sheet can be with any qty of acne patch.


The acne patch will become white when it absorbs the secretions. The patch need to change immediately when  it turns white completed. After cleaning the acne area, until the skin is completely dry, observe the status of acne first, then paste the patch.


Usage/ how to use:

Clean the acne area first, then paste a sizable acne patch. Due to acne patch can absorb secretions, it can speed up the recovery of acne. If you want to smear the ointment, please until the ointment is absorbed and then paste; Most acne ointment is oily nature, it is recommended not to use too much, otherwise it will affect the acne patchs effect.


Sticker is transparent, so you can use the make-up on it. Recommended for use at night, you can see the effect next day.


Day use:

The circular patches ranging in size from 8mm-14mm are all infused exclusively with pure hydrocolloid. These are thin, sticky and invisible and can be used on the skin under makeup.Best for use during the day.


Night use:

The large square 4.5*4.5cm patches are thicker and infused with hydrocolloid as well as tea tree oil and calendula oil for extra absorbing power against acne.

These can be put on large areas or cut up into custom size pieces.Best for use at night.


Notice/ Cautions:

If less than a day's time, the acne patch has completely turned to white, please replace immediately. if the acne has healed or no change, no need to use.

The small piece is better than big one. Especially for small acne, no obvious effect for large-scale acne.

Most of acne scar is formed after squeeze, not to squeeze them. In addition, sun block is very important for preventing acne scar. Otherwise, It is easy to form fleck.

If your acne presents symptoms of infection such as red, swollen, hot, painful and yellow-green discharges, you need to see a doctor.

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