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Ostomy Paste Stoma Care Ointment

Ostomy Paste Stoma Care Ointment
Ostomy Paste Stoma Care Ointment Ostomy Care Products Ostomy System Ostomy Supplies Ostomy Bag Colostomi Bag
Product Name
Ostomy Paste Stoma Care Ointment Ostomy Care Products Ostomy System Ostomy Supplies Ostomy Bag Colostomi Bag
MOQ for OEM:
20000 pcs
T/T, L/C
Delivery Time:
25 days
Scope of application:
Wuhan or Shanghai, China
CE, FDA, ISO13485, ISO9001
custom made
custom made

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Ostomy Paste Stoma Care Ointment

【product name】

Ostomy Paste Stoma Care Ointment

【Specification Model】

Models are divided into: FL30; FL50; FL60; FL80; FL100. The filling quantity is divided into: 30g; 50g; 60g; 80g; 100g.

【product description】

Usually it is a nursing device for ileum, colon, rectum or urethral stoma. The product touches the intact skin and intestinal cavity.

Provided non-sterile.

[Intended use] Used for stoma cleaning, care, excrement collection and skin care around the stoma.


1. This product can fill uneven skin, prevent leakage and protect the skin when using the ostomy bag; it is also suitable for

Protect the skin leaking around the fistula, the skin leaking between the bottom of the stoma and the opening of the stoma chassis, to

And fill skin folds, bumpy skin surface and scars.

2. Squeeze the anti-leak ointment directly from the tube onto the wrinkled skin around the stoma, or directly apply the anti-leak ointment to the chassis,

Then stick the ostomy bag or chassis around the stoma.

3. If necessary, use moist fingers to smooth the stoma leakage prevention ointment; if the skin folds or scars are too deep, it is recommended

Apply in separate steps, with an interval of 30 seconds between each layer.

4. Removal of leak-proof cream: If part of the leak-proof cream remains on the skin, wipe it with warm water.


1. The anti-leak ointment can only be used externally. If it is applied to the inflammation or abrasion, there will be a short tingling sensation.

2. Those who have ulcers on the skin around the stoma are prohibited from using it.

3. It should be stored in a room with room temperature, no corrosive substances, and well ventilated, away from children.

4. If redness or other irritation occurs, stop using it immediately.

5. Cover the lid immediately after each use to prevent the anti-leakage paste from drying out and hardening.


People with severe skin allergies should use it with caution.


This product is a non-sterile product for external use only. It is forbidden to use it on severely damaged skin or ulcers.


This product should be sealed, protected from light, and stored in a dry and clean place.




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