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Nonwoven wound dressing

Medical nonwoven sterile wound dressing
Medical sterile dressing consists of soft Spun-lace or PU laminated nonwoven fabric coated with specific medical acrylate adhesive
and pure cotton absorbent pad; the dressing is good airtight, moisture permeable, breathable but waterproof, good effects on
absorbing liquid with no adhesion to wound.

Product speciation
This product use follow material as substrate: spun-lace nonwoven, WPU laminated non-woven and high permeable PU film, pressure
sensitive adhesives, absorbent pad fabrics, etc. Can be selected based on clinical needs.
Good permeability, air permeable, but can block bacteria, can protect the wound from bacteria intrusion.
Good first and repeat adhesion degrees, appropriate stripping degrees. Will not cause any pain during removing, no tight edge,
long-lasting paste time, will not fell off in water
Advanced coating technology, good moisture-penetrability, causes no skin allergy.
The Absorbent pads ability of absorb fluid is 8 times more than normal pad. The imported Guided drift surface can make the pad
will not adhere to wound, and it is easier to tear off when change drug, will no cause secondary damage of the wound.
Wound will be not bonded to dressing, anti-leakage can shower, improve quality of life
User-friendly design, complete range of specifications, multi-style, provides more choice for clinical use.
Sterilized by GU 60 or epoxy ethane, 2 years sterile validation time

Remarks: For special shape, pls contact with our sales for details.
Indications: used for the application on a variety of wound dressing, banding, fixation (such as post-operative wound, acute and
chronic injury wounds, small cuts and abrasions and other wounds’ aseptic care)

How to use
Clean the and sterilize the wound of body, choose the proper size of dressing patch, tear its external package and protection
papers, put the absorbent pad on the wound site, and stick the adhesive fabric around to skin

1.  Only open the package when use, if the pack is broken, do not use.
2.  This is disposable product. Please destroy it after use.

Manufacturer: Wuhan Huawei technology co., ltd
Address:B-F11-3, Huazhong International Industrial Park, Yangluo Port, 430415, Wuhan, Hubei, China 430415

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