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Come to see the spring fair of 2017 CMEF!

Come to see the spring fair of 2017 CMEF!


Issuing time:2017-05-19 13:25

CMEF, China International Medical Equipment Fair, founded in 1979, three sessions per year. Spring fair, autumn fair and regional fair. After 30 years of continuous innovation, self-improvement, had become the largest exhibition of medical equipment and related products and services in the Asia-Pacific region.
The exhibition covers a wide range of products including medical imaging, in vitro diagnostics, electronics, optics, first aid, rehabilitation care and medical information technology, outsourcing services,directly and fully serve the medical device industry from the source to the end of the entire medical industry chain.

Huawei Technology  Booth number: H8.1-L29  H8.1-L31
Times and places:
10:00-18:00  2017.5.15 Monday  10:00-18:00
10:00-18:00   2017.5.16 Tuesday  10:00-18:00
10:00-18:00   2017.5.17 Wednesday  10:00-18:00
10:00-16:00   2017.5.18 Thursday   10:00-18:00
Address: National Convention and Exhibition Centre, Qingpu district, Shanghai, China

Subway route
We would like to advice you to prepare the change to save time. Buy the round-trip ticket in advance before you go to the exhibition to reduce the time to line up to buy the ticket again when you left. Besides the subway station, there are other three ticket offices at the west export of the exhibition room.
Small vehicles from the Songze Avenue B enter into the exhibition hall ,10th door into the North park, or by Lai gang Road C entrance into the exhibition, through the 18th door or 21st door into the South Square underground car park. Parking charges 6 yuan / hour, more than one hour to half an hour for the billing unit, more than 8 hours -24 hours by 8 hours billing, social vehicles prohibit to stay overnight in the park.      
Large passenger cars, certified vehicles from Chuguang road entrance A enter into the exhibition, through the Central 9th door enter into the North Plaza South park.   
The parking spot are limited, in order to avoid crowdedness, we’d like to suggest you to park the car to the peripheral park, Recommended the P5 park, over the bridge is the exhibition hall.   
Huawei Technology warmly remind you, reasonable transfer, take care! We’re fruitful from this exhibition,  let's take a look at the CMEF scene!

Come out from the subway station, walk a few minutes later finally to the exhibition hall entrance! WOW~~

Can’t miss the opening ceremony of CMEF! ↑

After the opening ceremony,  ready to go to Huawei technology’s booth, so many people, could not help to take a panorama ↑

The clients are coming~

The two lovely colleagues are in the reception of cust  omers, not to bother them ~~

Finally got to Huawei’s booth, the products approved by the clients

The clients are coming~

Take a close-up to our showcase, wide variety of products, hahahahha~~ 

See and touch the samples, it do makes sense to understand the difference of various product, your satisfaction is our goal~~ 

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