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Silicone Scar Gel Sheet
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Wholesale skin color silicone scar sheet From China-Huawei

Wholesale skin color silicone scar sheet From China-Huawei
scar sheet, scar patch
Product Name
Skin color silicone gel scar sheet
MOQ for OEM:
20000 pcs
T/T, L/C
Delivery Time:
25 days
Scope of application:
Wuhan or Shanghai, China
CE, FDA, ISO13485, ISO9001
customized logo is acceptable
skin color

Silicone Scar sheet

Slicon Scar Gel Sheet has similar effects to the human skin, with the character of elasticity, moisture permeability, air permeability, pressure sensitive resistance, water repellency and has barrier function of bacteria. The heterogeneous collagen layer which contacts to scar tissue is rich in collagen and with good biological compatibility, can stick on the scar tissue, and no other dressings are needed to be fixed. 


The scar extrudes from the normal skin in irregular shape and by the form of red and hard benign lumps and even with contracture, itching ordains, In case of excessive growth, the scar might affect the appearance or lead to dysfunction or even cancer.


Silica gel can directly act on the scar surface. As a semi-permeable membrane, it can partly restrict the water permeability on the scar surface and promote the moisture accumulation under the scar epidemics, resulting in hydration. Studies have shown that using the silica gel patch can greatly reduce the number of the positive cells of the fibroblast1 growth factor (TGF 1), which indicates that the silica gel patch acts on scars possibly by adjusting the relationship between cell factors and fibroblasts. Experiments show that the silicone oil slowly released from the silica gel membrane can inhibit the strengthening of the fibroblasts inside the scar tissue, thereby inhibiting the formation of hypertrophic scars.Through the trilogy of softening, restoring and regeneration", it can awaken the memory of the skin to fully repair various scar tissues.


This product is formulated for application to:

Keloid Scars, Hypertrophic Scars,Cosmetic Surgical Scars,Surgery Scars,Accidental Scars,Breast Implant & Reduction Scars,Burn Scars,Raised Acne Scars,C-Section & Pregnancy Scars


Silicone Scar Removal Sheets Features:

Premium Quality

Safe for Nursing Moms

Flexible, Breathable, and Durable

Soft and Comfortable

Reusable and Washable

Non-Greasy and Won’t Stick to or Stain Clothing



1. Clean and dry scar area. 

2. Cut sheet according to the size and shape of the scar.

3. Peel off liner from adhesive side of sheet.

4. Apply adhesive side of sheet directly on scar.



Use this product once scar or wound has been healing for at least 7 days. You may start using immediately on older scars.

Silicone sheets should be worn for 4-8 hours per day for the first few days, and gradually increased up to 24 hours a day. Use a minimum of 12 hours a day for maximum results.

Gently wash silicone sheets in warm water every day prior to usage. 

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