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super thick 1mm Silicone Scar Gel Sheet Scar Removal Silicone Gel Therapy Patch

super thick 1mm Silicone Scar Gel Sheet Scar Removal Silicone Gel Therapy Patch
silicone scar gel sheet
Size: 2*12/4*12/6*12 cm
Product Name
MOQ for OEM:
3000 pcs
T/T, L/C
Delivery Time:
25 days
Scope of application:
Wuhan or Shanghai, China
CE, FDA, ISO13485, ISO9001
custom made
The color of the sheet is changable

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Suitable for Hypertrophic scars, pregnancy stretch marks, acne scars, keloid scars, sunken scars.
Also for other scars caused by surgery, burns, dermatitis, cosmetics, erosion of skin due to infection or chemicals, frost and dryness.
Silicone Gel is indicated for adjuvant treatment of hypertrophic scars of external scars, burns, and hypertrophic scars after a surgery.
Effective in improvement of dark scars and preventing the formation of hypertrophic scars.
Transparent, easy to observe the scar situation
Good self-adhesive,short and long term
Non-adherent outer membrane
Durable and re-usable
Comfortable and easy to use
No irritation, low sensitivity
Type: Silicone Gel Scar Sheet
Color: Clear
Material: Silicone
Shelf Life: 3 Years
Size: 12x3.5cm/4.72x1.38 inch (approx.)
1. Open peel pack and pick out of the product.
2. Cut or splice the sheet according to the scar size.
3. Apply the product to the scar area as it is self-adhesive. It may also be fixed by elastic bandage. Fix the sticker if the scar around joint side.
4. Keep the unused portion in the original package and store in a dry place.
5. Keep tightly in room temperature, protected from sunshine.
Notes of treatment:
1) The scar patch can be reused and is washable. It can not be placed on wounds which have not yet healed; Each patch can be used for up to 25 days, the suggested time is 15 days;
2) 4 hours per day for the first 2 days, 8 hours per day for the following 2 days, after which add 2 hours per day until reaching 24 hours per day;
3) A full treatment consists of 2 months, in order to ensure efficacy, it is recommended to buy at least 3 patches;
4) If you need to attach the patches on joints or other movable positions, you can use bandages or medical tape to help it stay in place.
Please note that there are 2 types of packaging, one is with paper case, and the other is without paper case. Both of them are sealed perfectly in aluminum bag and the product is definitely the same.
As for environmental protection, we recommend you choose the packaging without paper case, and it's also cheaper.
Package includes
Pacakge Included: 1x Silicone Gel Scar Sheet

Silicone scar gel sheet

Structure and characteristics

1. The hydrogel developed for itch and pain relieving, cooling and soothing scars, which contains plenty of water and could keep the skin around scar moisture, the water action could make the scar softer and flat 
2. The scar repair patch could control scar formation to enhance skin function and improve the aesthetic appearance after wound healing. 
3. The daily wearing of this product, as directed, will soften and reduce the size of the scar tissue, the user could see the color change in the scarred area. The color of scar will begin to fade. 


Application hormones, no drugs, no side effects 
2.Feels softer and wetter 
3.Soothes, cools and protects 
4.All breastfeeding women, pregnant women and children can be used 
5.Not limited to caesarean section scar, all hyperplastic scars can

Product parameters

Item No.







1piece/box, 200box/CTN


The color of the sheet is changable


1piece/box, 200box/CTN



1piece/box, 200box/CTN



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