Three Benefits to Using Aquacel Ionic Silver Dressings

by:Huawei     2020-09-02
The technology of wound care and healing has changed dramatically over the last two decades. Science has discovered newer and better to be able to improve wound care by speeding up healing time, reducing the number of necessary dressing changes and keeping bacteria out of wounds. The addition of ionic silver to modern dressings by companies regarding example Convatec (as with their line of Aquacel ionic silver dressings) has been a major factor throughout improvements.
Ionic silver recently been used for centuries in various takes up residence. It contains antimicrobial properties that fight off infection. Silver ions (Ag+) are bioactive, meaning that they can be acted upon by a living organism (like a microbe). In situation of microbes, they kill bacteria and may even kill some viruses (though its effectiveness on viruses in currently in dispute in the scientific community).
The use of ionic silver was common a century ago, before the advent of antibiotics. As antibiotic treatment for infection began developing, ionic silver fell out favor inside of the medical community.
Today, though, it's making a comeback in modern health for three major reasons:
1) It's regarded an have broader antimicrobial properties. Antibiotics are only effective against microorganisms. While there are an involving treatments that target viruses, most all those do not find the ability to actually directly attack viruses. Instead, they merely boost your body's immune system rrn order that it is better able to use its own natural defenses to address off viruses. By contrast, ionic silver is able to act directly upon certain viruses and eliminate them.
When referring to wound care, ionic silver can be incorporated directly into a dressing. The dressing releases it into the wound environment so how the wound remains sterile and also the body is less gonna infection.
2) It's be used topically. Most antibiotics should be taken internally to effectively treat and eliminate infection. The medical and scientific community now recognizes that the increased use of antibiotics inside the last several decades has resulted typically the emergence of 'superbugs'.
These 'superbugs' are bacteria that allow us an ability antibiotics. Bacteria that are strong enough to survive a particular type of antibiotic multiply and pass on those resistant genes to its offspring.
The ability of bacteria to multiply rapidly ensures that these resistant bacteria be prolific. An absolutely new variety of drug-resistant bacteria can be spread the actual day population with lightning full acceleration. Ionic silver, when used topically, reduces the need for oral antibiotics, thus reducing the opportunities for 'superbugs' to build at each of.
3) It's proactive. Oral antibiotics are administered to address a problem that has developed. Using ionic silver dressings actually prevents the thing is of bacteria multiplication as first placement. Most every medical professional will agree that it's much better and healthier to prevent infection the actual planet first place rather than having to treat an infection that has now developed.
Aquacel ionic silver dressings and other popular brands have achieved it easy for health care professionals to engage ionic silver technology to wound care regimes. With time-release ionic silver built right into the dressing, both doctors and patients could be assured that wound healing will be faster and also effective.
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