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The Duoderm Dressing

by:Huawei     2020-09-02
Duoderm dressings are utilized on wounds that heal slowly and are commonly did in the past treat leg ulcers. Duoderm dressings come packed in sheets of about 3 inches by 4 inches and can be bought from any drug store, physician. The duoderm dressing is referred to as a hydrocolloid dressing and still is derived from fruit pectin.
The duoderm dressing's main objective is to make available a healing environment that is moist and quit the wound from bacterial and other external wastes. This greatly helps in decreasing the chances of an infection triggered by bacteria and pollutants.
In accessory for protecting the wound, the duoderm or hydrocolloid, this is nothing other dressings also helps a wound heal it faster.
The duoderm dressing one other uses to affix nasogastric tubes or CPAP masks onto patients face. For the reason that the duoderm does not cause irritation on encounter while used as capturing.
People additionally found alternative uses for your duoderm dressings. These are now commonly comfortable heal acne on face or which are used to heal pressure ulcers (also called bedsores).
The duoderm dressing has many other uses as certainly.
It doubles to treat eczema. It can help in containing the ointment applied to stop eczema and lets it work better and prevents the patient from scratching the involved area.
A duoderm dressing helps provide comfort to patients, as the kind of wounds this is used on are really miserable and the bandage works well for soothing the wound.
Before utilizing the duoderm dressing, make without the wound is cleansed. You can do this with hydrogen peroxide or and antibacterial washing liquid. After the wound is cleansed it also need to be dried.
Care should however, utilized that duoderm is used only on lightly oozing wounds and minor skin injuries because doing so has a fixed absorbent means. It could also be would prefer to avoid damage, due to rubbing, to fragile skin in high risk patients since a secondary dressing.
The sticky side among the dressing may be the one that should be placed in contact with the wound and ought to held established by tape that could be pulled off without any hassle.
It is imperative how the duoderm dressing be replaced every third day. If however the wound is ejecting an associated with fluid in your to change it earlier. However ask a doctor about the frequency of update.
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