Tegaderm - A Wound Care Specialist

by:Huawei     2020-09-02
He tegaderm dressing has been around for some time now and isn't a recent invention in wound employer. However, it is one with the more effective dressings available and has multiple advantages over standard dry dressings.
1. Creates a barrier to external contamination
2. Reduces water vapor loss from exposed tissue
3. Provides a moist environment to the wound surface
4. Are in multiple shapes and sizes
Due to these qualities the tegaderm dressing prevents formation of scab and enhances regeneration in the epiderm.
It should be noted here that slowly and gradually, sterile cotton dressings are going to phase out could be replaced by dressings such as tegaderm that are multi functional.
The product manufacturers claim that tegaderm is not just a dressing, features for the tegaderm include:
1. multi-functional (provides a barrier, locks moisture etc)
2. sterile
3. waterproof
4. contains a breathable barrier
Tegaderm has multiple uses as successfully. Although it is primarily used by wound care, it can also be familiar with protect surgical sites and to an online site for intravenous injection
The Tegaderm dressing could be used for:
1. minor burns
2. pressure areas
3. donor sites
4. post-operative wounds
5. abrasions
6. lacerations
7. skin breakdown created by friction or exposure to moisture
8. retain peripheral and central IV catheters
As the dressing is transparent, the time easy observe the site of the wound for infection, leakage or wrong placement from a catheter.
Another very big advantage of dressing is the fact it is 'breathable'. The tegaderm created from of multiple layers of this specific breathable material. This prevents the skin from 'suffocating' but on your other hand also protects the wound site from notorious germs such as bacteria and other foreign contaminants, which may cause an unwanted complication. Complications such a great infection can increase the healing associated with time a wound and furthermore increase soreness at the wound internet sites.
As mentioned, wound care management is made easier the particular tegaderm dressing as can transparent. This is why the tegaderm dressing is used as extended removing the wounds.
When applied properly the tegaderm dressing is completely waterproof. Being waterproof it lets patients using it, bathe or take a shower without worrying about water entering the wound.
The best environment for utilizing the tegaderm dressing is back country wound management. This is because extensive missions require that one dressing is used, enables visual examination of the incision.
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