Is the price of silicone scar gel sheet favorable?
The price of silicone scar gel sheet in Wuhan Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. will always maximize customers' profitability. Our pricing involves capturing the value that customers place on this product, as opposed to the simple cost ourselves incurred to create and produce it. We deploy this strategy across a broader range of customers and markets in order to establish value-added supplier relationship, identify high-value customer segments and capture the maximum value of our product offering. Rest assured, the pricing of our product is favorable when considering all related values.
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Huawei will continue to lead the silicone scar gel sheet industry in the future. Huawei's main products include dressing roll series. Tested on the light source by a third-party quality institution, Huawei hydrogel dressing is less likely to cause blue light hazard which may do harm to users' retinas. The product is approved to be of high quality after the thorough test by the third party quality experts.

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