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Duoderm Extra Thin Dressing

by:Huawei     2020-09-03
Unless you regularly wear armor, chances are may will get small cuts and burns once in the blue moon. Fortunately, most wounds in everyday life don't require medical fascination. However, it is helpful to have the opportunity to identify which wounds require doctor's attention and which wounds can be treated at home. If the wound appears to be superficial which means merely the top layers of pores and skin is damaged and bleeding is no more than slight oozing, it could be treated at home. If for example the cut has made its way through all layers of the skin and fat or bone is visible with considerable bleeding, it should be taken seriously anyone should go to a hospital.
The first thing to do after getting a cut or scrape is to thoroughly wash it. Is definitely recommended that wounds should be washed under running water with a little pressure for about 10 minutes to be sure all foreign particles are washed on the net. Afterward, it should be air-dried and covered along with a bandage or wound dressing.
Duoderm is probably the most famous and widely used types of hydrocolloid wound dressing. Hydrocolloid technology provides a moist environment inside the dressing which helps wounds heal at once. Similar to many other things, all wounds will also not created equal. Management of a dry wound is different off of the management of a wound with considerable volume of exudates. These differences in wounds require customized approaches and appropriate wound dressings.
Most common wounds and cuts are typically dry with minimum no exudates. Duoderm Extra Thin can be an appropriate dressing for such wounds. This dressing is semi-permeable which is versus exudates and bacteria. The moist environment it produces helps the wound heal and epithelialize without softening the tissues. It also can be used as being a preventive measure in high-risk patients to stop injuries due to continuous friction or irritation. A disadvantage to most dressings constantly that these don't reserve place for quite. Duoderm extra solves this problem due to its highly effective adhesive and it does not require additional taping at the edges.
Most dressings preferably should be changed frequently, making them inconvenient for patients particularly it can't performed at home and wishes to be done at a hospital. Duoderm Extra Thin resolves this issue because in most cases it does not need to be changed frequently and could be left in place for up to a week. There are some occasions when this dressing is not recommended such as the wound is infected.
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