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by:Huawei     2020-09-01

Film dressings are usually utilized in combination with gauze or other dressings and act to keep up the moisture content material of unpolluted wounds. There is growing evidence that using semi-occlusive dressings leads to much less epidermal cellularity, much less epidermal proliferation, and fewer pro-inflammatory epidermal signalling compared to non-occluded control wounds . Advantages of gauze dressings embody a low materials expense and a available provide.

Polyurethane sheets are waterproof and impermeable to bacteria and contaminants. Although these dressings can not absorb fluid, they are permeable to moisture – allowing one-means passage of carbon dioxide and extra moisture vapour away from the wound.

They make glorious surgical bandages and can be used in small, non-complicated wounds or as secondary dressings. Gauze dressings stay the ‘gold standard’ to which the Food & Drug Administration compares most dressings.

Alginates may be rinsed away with saline irrigation, so removal of the dressing does not interfere with healing wounds. Alginate dressings are very helpful for moderate to heavily exudating wounds . Films are semi-occlusive dressings normally made up of transparent skinny sheets of polyurethane coated with a layer of acrylic adhesive.

Wound care dressings can be broadly divided into two broad teams, non-absorbing (e.g. movies) and absorbing. Interactive dressings assist management the microenvironment by combining with the exudate to form hydrophilic gel or by controlling the move of exudate from the wound into the dressing .
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