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Choosing an Appropriate Dressing is vital For

by:Huawei     2020-09-04
Wound dressings are a crucial part of wound management bride-to-be not all wounds are alike, there is no dressing that is best for all types of pains. There are many different types of wound dressings available in the market from traditional to sophisticated ones like duoderm and tegaderm. Effective wound management depends upon many factors including an understanding of this healing process and comprehension of the various types of dressings available in marketplace.
The types of dressings available include hydrocolloids, alginates, foams etc which are made of sophisticated materials like polyurethane, alginic acid, polysaccharides therefore forth. Different dressings are used for specific purposes with regard to creating a moist environment for better healing, absorbing exudate, eliminating infection, facilitating debridement and reducing odor.
Reasons for Using Wound Dressing
The primary factors using wound dressings include effective and quick healing, elimination of wound odor, minimizing the pain during application or removal, reducing the chances of infection, effectively managing exudates and in the wound and protecting it from further aggravation.
Factors to Consider When Choosing a Dressing
Type of Wound:
In order to choose an appropriate dressing, one must know sort of wound you are dealing with. There are four basic types of wounds:
-Necrotic wounds which contain dead tissues that will be black colored
-Sloughed wounds that have a layer of viscous yellow colored dead tissues
-Granulating wounds which are properly healing and contain red colored granulation tissues
-Epithelialising wounds which is one stage prior granulating wounds and are pink colored
Location of the Wound:
While picking out a suitable dressing, the location and scale the wound are also of importance. For example, a wound provides large associated with exudates swallows a dressing that is capable of handling in which. Similarly, a wound in an establishment like elbows can't be covered with just any dressing because it will require specifically shaped dressing for proper placement.
Other factors:
In addition to the regarding wound is actually location, numerous also other causes including infection and product related grounds. People generally sense that if a wound is infected select one be treated with a topical antibiotic and then dressed but research suggests that use of antibiotics causes problems. Therefore, especially formulated medicated dressings should double in problem. The product related factors that customize choice of wound dressing include how good it conforms to the wound site, if it could be effectively handle the quantity of exudates, that effectively eliminate or at least reduces the odor, antibacterial property, how effectively it helps stop bleeding, does it allow the passage to fluids, oxygen and microorganisms, is it simple to apply, if it causes pain and discomfort upon removal and also how frequently it needs to be improved.
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