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Banishing the Myths about Burn Dressings & Gels

by:Huawei     2020-09-04
Myth 1: All burns dressings are basically the same.
Wrong! Many burn care dressings use non-medical grade components, have no clinical data, are not evidence based and some even require pro-cooling with wetness. Many budget products have poor stability data and therefore have a concise shelf life. Many use cheap commercial foam as being a carrying medium.
Waterjel, as retailed frist by Aid Warehouse:
Does not contribute to clinical Hypothermia, and pre-cooling with water is not required.
Tested and Approved by Military for use on White Phosphorous (WP) Burns
Is Fully Accredited (FDA, CE, NHA, NATO, ISO & Far!)
Has many high level evidence based clinical evaluations
Has a 5-year life-span
Uses a carrying medium that can be a patented sterile woven polyester
Avoid cheap imitations!
Myth 2: I cannot use goods like this for my workplace or school
Wrong! Such advice probably relates to lotions and creams which can medicated offerings. Water-Jel is a water-based, water-soluble gel burn treatment that pulls the heat out connected with a burn when it relieves the pain, cools the skin, and protects against airborne contamination.
By applying Water-Jel as soon as possible, the warmth of the burn is dissipated assists prevent the temperature from progression deeper in the skin. The gel is actually 96% water and includes same cooling effects as water, but because is actually not thick, it stays with a burn as well as evaporate. Water-Jel also contains thickening agents and preservatives to maintain gel's viscosity and many.
Myth 3: I require training to use burns dressings
Wrong! Training is always a good idea, as well as its wise to familiarise yourself with medical for burns such as Waterjel services their use, but no training is required.
There are 4 primary requirements for the treatment of burn injuries accepted internationally and Water-Jel fulfils all 4 together in just one simple thing.
The international requirements using a modern burn treatmentare:
1. Cool the burn site
Water-Jelburn dressings and fire blankets can absorb temperature in overabundance 2.000 Degrees Fahrenheit (1.100 Degrees Celsius). Human tissue begins in order to smoke at 108 Degrees Fahrenheit (42 Degrees Celsius), human bone carbonises at step 1.400 Degrees Fahrenheit (760 Degrees Celsius), a very deep heat sink is needed take away these quantities of temperature quickly, to prevent further dermal necrosis and take off the pain, giving comfort to the casualty.
2. Keep vital fluid on site
Because of gelatinous nature Water-Jel will guarantee that site fluids will not evaporate through or soak into the dressing. Water-Jel dressings carry approximately 13 times their own weight in gelatinised sterile water, these dressings can be lifted off-page for wound assessment at any time during management without concern with them subsequent the burn site.
3. Prevent further contamination
Water-Jel's uniquely formulated sterile and bacteriostatic gel has a clinically calculated volume per square centimetre formula for max effectiveness and coverage regarding zones (Hyperthermia, Stasis, Coagulation) of the burn site. Note, pressure should never be applied to a burn site or its surrounds in hard work to achieve greater package.
4. Does not cause treatment induced hypothermia
Water-Jel burn dressings and fire blankets do not induce hypothermia, because of these special formulation, the heat of the burn website is absorbed in the gel where it circulates in increasing circles drawing the heat out of the burn, as a result it leaves the burn site covered along with a warm dressing from the fact that excess heat is released to the surrounding atmosphere.
The full range of Waterjel dressings, blankets and gels can can be obtained online at http://www.firstaidwarehouse.co.uk.
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