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Applying Dressings And Plasters

by:Huawei     2020-09-04
There are various things that one needs to consider before applying a bandage to an injured girl. The first thing is that before you apply any dressing the person applying the dressing should wash and dry their hands properly. In addition to this the following steps/ advice needs to be taking into consideration.
- Make sure how the person being wrapped without the pain . bandage is sitting or lying down. It is usually not advisable to bandage a person while standing upright.
- Is better to describe to the individual whom an individual wrapping the bandage exactly what you are going to do. Sort of as becoming running comments.
- If your area in which injured is also bleeding then you can need end the blood loss. This can be done by applying pressure on the bleeding area and raising the inflicted area above heart standard.
- The dressing that you are using should be slightly larger than the wound that become be concealed.
- The dressing in order to be held by its ends so that your fingers are away from the part permit anyone cover the wound.
- Making use of the bandage should begin placing the dressing best of the wound not from the side of the wound.
- As mentioned, pressure is necessary to stop the wound from bleeding only one should be careful not to make use of too much pressure since may restrict blood circulation to the wound.
Sterile dressing pads are usually attached to bandages can also be used on wounds. They are usually available in a protective wrapping. It should be noted that once these sterile dressing pads are taken out of their wrapping perform not remain sterile i've.e. hygienic. To apply these sterile dressing pads:
- You are required to hold the bandage from either side of the pad
- Place these pads directly within wound
- Quick answer to end of your pad ought to wound once around will probably have
- One other end always be wound round area to be able to cover the whole pad
- Finally the ends should be tied together over the information presented to secure it
Plasters, that also called adhesive dressings, can additionally be used on wounds. Plasters are made from gauze through adhesive/sticky all over again. Plasters are usually found in single sterile packs. Plasters are available in different dimensions and shapes. They can be cut on the size extra needs.
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