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Chest Seal Dressing

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Huawei Hydrogel Occlusive Chest Seal Adhesive Wound Dressing for Open Chest Wounds

Huawei Hydrogel Occlusive Chest Seal Adhesive Wound Dressing for Open Chest Wounds
Product Name
Hydrogel Chest Seal dressing for open wounds
MOQ for OEM:
5000 pcs
T/T, L/C
Delivery Time:
25 days
Scope of application:
For open wounds or penetrating injuries on chest
CE, FDA, ISO13485, ISO9001
OEM/ODM is acceptable

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In todays world, chest trauma is becoming increasingly common due to the high rate of accidents and emergencies. Chest injuries are one of the most serious types of injuries that can occur in the human body, with the potential to cause major damage to the vital organs such as the heart and lungs, and can lead to death if not treated properly. The occlusive chest seal is a life-saving device that can be used in these types of emergencies to prevent further damage to the chest cavity and save a persons life. 



It's a flexible, transparent, and airtight dressing that is placed over a penetrating chest wound to seal the air out of the chest cavity. 

The operator should puts 1pc on front and back of the penetrating wounds to prevent air from entering the pleural space (the area between the lungs and chest wall), which can cause a collapsed lung.

It contains a waterproof & breathable top layer, hydrogel matrix, gentle medical pressure sensitive adhesive, and pet.


- Prevents air from entering the chest cavity: Injuries to the chest can cause air to enter the chest cavity, resulting in a collapsed lung. Occlusive chest seals prevent this from happening by sealing the wound and preventing air from entering the pleural space.

- Easy to apply: Occlusive chest sealing patch are lightweight and very easy to apply, making them a preferred choice for first responders and healthcare professionals alike.

- Provides constant monitoring: The clear covering on the chest seal allows healthcare providers to constantly monitor the wound and check for any changes in the patient's condition.

- Prevents infection: The adhesive backing on the dressing prevents bacteria and other pathogens from entering the wound, reducing the risk of infection.

- Air-tight seal: it creates an air-tight seal that prevents further damage to the chest.




The Chest Seal are used in a variety of settings, including pre-hospital emergency care, hospital emergency departments, and other operations. 

- Penetrating chest wounds: Such as those caused by external forces, knives, or other sharp objects.

- Blunt force trauma: Such as those caused by car accidents, falls, or other high-impact events.

- Chest surgery: they are often used post-surgery to prevent air from entering the chest cavity.




Q: Can an occlusive chest seal be used in all types of chest injuries?


A: It is most effective in treating penetrating chest injuries, such as those caused by sharp objects. However, they can also be used in cases of blunt trauma.


Q: Can the adhesive chest seal cause side effects?


A: the adhesive hydrogel chest seal are generally safe and do not cause any side effects. 


Q: How long can it be left in place?


A: The emergency chest dressing should be left in place until the patient can receive definitive medical care. In certain cases, they may be left in place for several hours or even days.


Q: Can first aid chest wound seal be reused?


A: No, it's designed for one-time use only and should not be reused.


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