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waterproof PU wound transparent dressing
Place of Origin: Hubei, China (Mainland)
Brand: huawei
Model: 04.06.15
Material: Pu and absorbent pad
Color: transparent
Feature: waterproof,resistance bacteria,skin-friendly breathable,high elastic PU film, super absorbent,hypoallergenic,safe and easy to tear,humanized design.
Apply scope: For postoperative wound of orthopedics,slipped disc,extracardial operation and gynaecologic surgery
Size: 10*20cm

Medical transparent wound dressing adopts contemporary international high-tech technique of new ultra-thin comfortable dressing,which is a special semipermeable membrane,with good breathability,hypoallergenic,high elasticity and other characteristics.

Structure and Characteristics

Waterproof&resistance bacteria:outer waterproof,breathable film to prevent moisture and bacteria invasion,reduce wound infection,good waterproof ensure that patients can bath and do other basic activities.

Skin-friendly breathable:adopt ultra-thin PU film to make the dressing with ultra-high moisture permeability,avoid moisture aggregation between the skin and the PU menbrane,prolong use time,make the skin breath freely and care the injured bestly.

High elastic PU film: available   to stick to any part of the body,reducing surrounding skin tension,comfortable and natural.

Super absorbent:absorbent pad with good absorb performance and greatly reduce the incidence of impregnation,provide a good moisture healing environment to the wound.

Hypoallergenic:does not irriatte the wound,good fixation,does not damage the skin when exposing.

Safe and easy to ptear:the fluid guide net surface of absorbent pad can make the dressing not to stick with the wound,easy to peel when changing it,do not cause secondary damage to the wound.

Humanized design:complete specificaion,more product style,customized design,provide more choice for clinical use.


1.clean the wound,select the appropriate size of dressing,remove the sterile package and peel off release paper.

2.Align absorbent pad to wound,gently affix it to the attached area,then thoroughly strip release paper.

3.remove the transparent protective film above,leave only the film.

4.paste the transparent dressing around smoothly.

PU wound dressing (1).jpgPU wound dressing (2).jpgpu wound dressing (8).jpgPU wound dressing (3).jpgPU wound dressing (4) - 副本.jpg





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