Wuhan Huawei Technology

self adhesive incision surgical dressings
Place of Origin: Hubei, China (Mainland)
Brand: huawei
Model: 04.14.02
Material: Pu
Color: transparent
Feature: hypoallergenic,good viscous,breathable and skin-friendly,waterproof,resistance bacteria,humanized design.
Apply scope: protect the surgical area avoid cross-infection.
Size: 10*20cm


It adopted high permeable polyurethane file as raw material, coated with a special medical pressure sensitive adhesive, and then attached to release protective paper, protect the surgical area avoid cross-infection.


Hypoallergenic: Reduce the rate of sensitization to prevent infection.
Good Viscous: Good adhesion, high quality medical pressure-sensitive adhesion makes good using effect without warped edge, no residue, no pain when you tear off, can be tightly retained for long time on the skin.
Breathable and skin-Friendly: High breathable polyurethane file transparent and breathable to prevent moisture accumulation under surgery, provide a sterile working environment around the surgical incision.
Water proof and Humanized design.

pu surgical drape.jpgPU incise drape (3).jpgPU incise drape (2).jpgPU incise drape (1).jpgOEM design.jpg





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