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Transparent medical dressing types of iv cannula/iv tegaderm dressing
Place of Origin: Hubei, China (Mainland)
Brand: huawei
Model: 04.14.10
Material: Pu
Color: transparent
Feature: waterproof,bacteria resistance,comfort transparent,high moisture permeability,hypoallergenic glue,humanized design
Apply scope: For fixing Y or butterfly catheter with drug kettle.
Size: 6*7cm

Green environmental protection,super breathable.waterproof anti-bacteria.Hypoallergenic,comfortable and convenient,single-permeability.

Medical transparent wound dressing adopts high permeable aqueous polyurethane glue,processes through a special coating process,breathe together with skin.

Structure and Characteristics

Waterproof&bacteria resistance:waterproof breathable PU film to prevent moisture and bacterial invasion,puncture protection against external bacterial infections.

Comfort transparent:transparent film facilitate the puncture site observation.

High moisture permeability:avoid moisture aggregation between PU film and skin,prolonged use time,reduce the rate of sensitization to prevent puncture site infection.

Hypoallergenic glue:can be firmly fixed the film meanwhile having better skin-friendly,reduce the rate of skin sensitization.

Humanized design:easy applicator and replacement,shortening treatment time and improve clinical efficiency,comes with writing sidebar,convenient clinical records.


1.Insert the needle to the infusion site.

2.Peel off release paper from transparent dressing.

3.Do not stretch the dressing,make it natural droop.

4.Smooth the dressing and properly fixed I.V. Needle.


1.I.V. Needle fixed and PICC&CVC fixed.

2.Anesthesia catheters,pulmonary artery catheterization,kidney dialysis tube fixed.

3.Skin care for friction or humid environment skin area,such as the surrounding skin protection of the tracheotomy,bony protrusion,the surrounding skin care of incontinence and prevent bedsores.

4.Wound protection for mild abrasions,cuts and stitches.

iv fixing dressing (2).jpgI--.jpgI.jpgcatheter fixator 3 U port.jpg10x12cm non frame type.jpg





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