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Nonwoven sterile antimicrobial medical adhesive wound dressing
Place of Origin: Hubei, China (Mainland)
Brand: huawei
Model: 04.10.14
Material: nonwoven+adhesive
Color: white
Feature: ventilation,resistance bacteria,hypoallergenic,super absorbent,humanized design.
Apply scope: Applied for post operative wound of orthopaedic, extracardial and gynaecologic surgery,intervertebral disk,heart surgery.
Size: 10*30cm

Nonwoven wound dressing is made of a soft spunlace non-woven coated with special medical acrylic adhesive as a substrate,the middle of the absorbent pad of cotton fiber has a good moisture permeability,air permeability,good absorb effect,non-adhesive to the wound.

Structure and characteristics

Ventilation&resistance bacteria:adopt spunlace non-woven,composite water-based polyurethane film(WPU)non-woven fabrics;cobalt-60 irradiation sterilization,good airtight barrier to bacterial invasion.

Hypoallergenic:advanced coating process,less prone to skin allergies.

Super absorbent:absorbent pads liquid absorption8 times,imported anti-adherent film,which guide liquid passing the net type surface,but doesnt cause secondary damage to the wound.

Humanized design:complete specifications,more product styles,we can do according to customers requirements,provide more choices for clinical use.


1.Clean the wound,select the appropriate specification sterile dressing,get it out from the sterile packaging and peel off release paper.

2.The absorbent pad is aligned to wound,gently affixed it to the affected area then thoroughly stripped release paper.

3.Paste the non-woven around smoothly.

Application:Postoperative wound,acute and chronic injury wound,small cut wound and scratches,etc.

Clinical departments:outpatient department,burns,orthopedics and other surgical departments.

Intended Population:


A variety of surgical suture wounds

Acute and chronic wounds injury

Life/sports careless scratch

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