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Small wounds cause catastrophe

Issuing time:2019-07-29 17:19Author:WUHAN HUAWEI

Small wounds cause catastrophe

Wounds worsen and stink, and many patients don't realize that small wounds can cause a "catastrophe." Many amputated patients are caused by a small wound. In order to prevent precautions and prevent and control risk factors in advance, in recent years, the management of wounds has become more and more important in international clinical practice. How to ensure that the wounds do not deteriorate?

Don't wait for the wound to deteriorate,then go to the treatment!

Statistics show that over 30% of intractable wounds are caused by diabetes, especially in patients aged 60-80 years. Up to 95% of patients have a high risk of lower extremity complications due to diabetic foot ulcers.

Many clinical diabetic foot, pressure sore and burns, surgical incision infection, lower extremity venous ulcer, cancer wound and chemoradiotherapy dermatitis and other acute and chronic wounds, if long-term non-healing is likely to cause further deterioration of the wound, serious complications such as metabolism Disorders, pain, infection, sepsis, amputation and even life-threatening.

Most of the diabetic wounds do not heal

There are many problems that lead to wound non-healing: age factors, the elderly have weakened ability to regenerate their own tissues, poor blood supply, and reduced cell activity, resulting in delayed or even non-healing wounds; improper treatment of wounds, residual foreign bodies in wounds and Inflammation reaction, infection is not treated in time, affecting the speed of wound healing; fat liquefaction of wounds affects blood circulation in the wound, and the wound does not heal for a long time; some systemic diseases such as diabetes, anemia, rheumatoid arthritis, malignant Tumors, liver failure and renal insufficiency will also slow the healing process of the wound; poor nutritional status can weaken the regeneration ability of tissues and cells, so that the wounds will not be sealed for a long time.

Misunderstanding of "hydrogen peroxide" in wound treatment

The new concept of wound healing in the world is “wet healing”. Because cell growth likes water, cell regeneration is the strongest in wet environments. New international clinical wound dressings are moist, which will make the wound comfortable and will not stick, forming a relatively closed environment conducive to short wounds. Time heals quickly.

Many people have misunderstandings about the concept of wounds. For example, some people use hydrogen peroxide wrongly. When they see that the wound is infected and smelly, they treat the wound with hydrogen peroxide. They don't know that hydrogen peroxide kills the newly grown granules while fighting infection. We do not advocate the use of hydrogen peroxide, if you want to use hydrogen peroxide, you must also rinse with physiological saline.

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